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Computer virus removal service in London

Computer virus is similar to biological virus. It keeps you from functioning normally and requires a cure to get rid of. There are lots of different types of computer viruses. Most of them are designed to harm your computer by damaging system or deleting files. Others might even steal your passwords, online banking ID etc. When they are executed they replicate by inserting copies of itself to computer programs, your data files or boot sector on your hard drive.
They are often difficult to delete and requires an IT specialist to be removed completely. Viruses are very clever nowadays and they might not be detected properly by your antivirus software, even with it’s up to date virus definitions.

Computer virus removal
That’s why we at PCMarc not only provide complete virus removal service but will also protect your internet activities against any future threads.
Feel free to call us or e-mail us in order to protect yourself against viruses.

Computer virus symptoms

  • Slow performance 90% 90%
  • Frequent system crashes 70% 70%
  • Slow system startup 50% 50%
  • Unusual error messages 60% 60%
  • Extra files or programs 90% 90%
  • Pop-up windows asking you to buy software 85% 85%
  • Erratic programs behaviour 40% 40%

If you experienced any of symptoms above call us immediately and don’t login to any online services.

It is not recommended to remove virus by inexperienced user as you might do more damage to the system than virus itself.

Before we begin removing a computer virus from your machine we will backup your most important data to avoid any data losses during the virus removal procedure. Our next step will be scanning your virus infected machine using our tools. The speed of scanning process depends on your hardware. SSD drive makes this process significantly faster than old hard disk. Also your processor speed will have huge impact on scanning speed. After the virus will be completely removed from your computer we will set up your operating system to protect you from future threats. This procedure could take up to 1 hour as we will not only install antivirus software on your system but will also harden it to make it more secure. We will install additional software that will secure your system to maximum. We will also disable unnecessary Microsoft Windows services that you don’t use as they might become vulnerable to attacks from viruses. We will install software to keep your online passwords secure and protected against viruses. After our virus removal service you will browse internet with confidence and peace of mind.

What our expert says…

“You might be vulnerable to many threats if you browse internet without proper protection.”

“The quicker your hardware is, the quicker the virus will be removed.“

“You might be vulnerable to many threats if you browse internet without proper protection.”

“Simply having antivirus won’t protect you. 95% of our virus removals were at customers who had commercial antivirus installed on their computers.”

“Hardening your system is the only way to protect you from online attacks.”

“Our virus removal service offers securing your system to maximum without affecting your computer performance.”

“Your online bank account is at risk if your computer is infected. Don’t delay, call us now.”

Virus removal service F.A.Q

I have an antivirus installed. Am I safe?

The answer is NO. Simply antivirus is not enough as most malware and viruses nowadays are designed to be undetected by major antivirus vendors. Protection and virus removal service is a complicated procedure and requires good skills to be done properly.

How long is it takes to remove a virus completely?

It depends of the depth of infection and your computer speed. Usually this type of service is done onsite and requires 60 minutes of deep analysis and procedures.

I have removed virus by myself and my computer works properly now. Have I done a good job?

After a virus is removed at the first stage it doesn’t mean that there are no any left. It is highly recommended to deeply scan your system using several tools and also protect from any further threads. Your computer may seem fine but after a while it may get infected even worst when virus hasn’t been removed completely or when there is no good protection applied. Our aim at PCMarc is not only to remove virus completely but also protect your system against others threads.

My computer behaves erratically but antivirus did not detect any viruses. What should I do?

Ideally you should shut down your computer to avoid any data loss and call us as soon as possible. It looks like you have a rootkit which is extremely difficult to detect and remove. Our virus removal company is able to remove it, but usually this type of service is done off site as to remove rootkit completely requires a lot of time of analysis.

How did I get infected by computer virus?

Viruses are everywhere. You might get infected by opening suspicious email attachment (usually with invoice or tracking number), downloading software or games, or simply browsing the internet.

See what people with computer viruses say about our service:

“Dear Deko. I would like to thank you for the job you did. My son’s laptop now is so fast and he is very happy. We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family as they also have problem with viruses on their laptops. Many thanks again. Monica.” London, Palmers Green, N13

“Great service! My computer was badly infected with viruses, that I couldn’t run any program. After 1 hour it was up and running. The guy also secured my system remotely the next day and gave me some tips on how to easily avoid computer virus infection. Many thanks. Tim Wood.” London, Old Street, N1

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