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System security

System security plays vital role in protecting your computer against theft or damage by cyber criminals. Consumer devices, such as desktop computers, laptops or smartphones are often infected with malware in order to gather passwords to financial institutions, such as banks, for immediate financial gain from transferring money or making purchases. Hackers can also take control of other devices such as web cameras, microphones or GPS trackers to steal personal information about targeted person.

There are many different types of attacks:

Phishing – is the attempt to get personal information from user, mostly by sending email messages that appears to be from legitimate companies. Such emails contain redirects to fraudulent websites or links with malware.

Spoofing – is a form of impersonating device or user known to attacker in order to inject malware, steal information or bypass access control. It can be also used to spoof Wi-Fi access point and launch man in the middle attack.

Backdoors – is a technique to silently bypass operating system security and take control of computer or access its data.

Direct access attack – is a physical access to user computer in order to steal data or modify system or install keyloggers, malware and other software in order to take control of victim’s computer.

Why spend money every year for software subscriptions?

We can secure your computer better with free and opensource software, and guess what? With every system re-installation our basic system hardening is FREE.

Our system hardening service contains following:

  • disabling unnecessary and vulnerable Windows services
  • stripping down Windows components
  • removing unused Metro apps
  • removing spyware application from Microsoft Windows
  • hardening Windows kernel, implementing mandatory access control
  • protecting system against key loggers
  • protecting web browser against zero days exploits
  • implementing firewall outbound rules
  • hardening network protocols and disable any unused network devices
  • and many more…

This service is always performed on-site at our offices as it takes up to 4 hours.

Sometimes the whole system needs to be reinstalled from scratch; in that case data backup is necessary to start hardening process.
We are taking security and privacy of our customers very seriously. We have very strict policies of how we handle customer devices and data.
We have separate environment to handle any user data, it is completely disconnected from internet and secured with very long and complicated passwords and on top of that additional layers of security such as BIOS password and encrypted hard drive are present.
Our data backup is performed onto encrypted containers with 30+ character passwords and strong cryptographic algorithms AES-256 and HMAC SHA512.


One of our main aims is to make sure customer’s security and privacy is not compromised.

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