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Computer repair service in London, Laptop repair service and upgrades

Computer Repair Service

Computer repair service it’s a complicated work. When your Computer has issue there might be lots of reasons. There is no person who could tell what’s wrong with your computer without diagnosing it. Diagnosing your computer issue it’s the same procedure what doctors do diagnosing your health. Sometimes there is more than one reason for a problem with your computer. That’s why it is very important to carry out a diagnostic procedure very carefully. From time to time after your computer has been repaired and work normally, it fails later on just because the diagnosis process has not been carried out correctly and other undiagnosed issue cased a problem again. We have a strict procedure here at PCMarc while we diagnose any problem that may have arisen with your computer. Once the issue is diagnosed all of our engineers have a complete check-up list after they perform computer repair service. They will check all possibilities to make sure that the same issue will not occur in the future.

Types of computer failures

There are two types of computer failures – software and hardware. Most common software problems are related to viruses, malwares, spywares, deleted files, corrupted system or registry. Usually they are created by computer user. This problem is not related to any mechanical failure with your computer. In worst case scenario you may lose all your data. Our computer repair service at PCMarc is able to recover all data caused by any software or operation system failure. Sometimes software issues can be fixed remotely but usually it requires on-site visit.
Hardware failure means that one of your computer parts has failed and caused a problem – usually preventing your computer to boot. There are situations that the part could be fixed but usually it has to be replaced. For example when your CPU overheats it would require a refitting of a radiator or fan. If for another example your hard drive fails, there is a possibility to fix it but it is a short term solution and it eventually will fail again in the future. The best way is (and we practice it at PCMarc Computer repair service) to backup all your data and transfer it to a new hard drive.
It is highly recommended to keep your computer maintained regularly to avoid any data loss or hardware failure.

Laptop Repair Service

Laptop repair service is very similar to computer repair service. The software failures such as virus, spyware, malware are exactly the same as with computer repair service described above. The only difference is with hardware failures. As you may know laptops uses different parts than PC Computers. Generally laptop parts are smaller. The laptop repair service for hardware failures is usually connected with screen replacements, overheated chipsets, hard drive replacements. We as a laptop repair company always try to do it on-site but sometimes we need to run some tests which are time consuming so we may carry out this procedure off-site. As you have read above your laptop also need to be maintained on a regular basis. We recommend regular laptop check-ups and maintenance service at least every 3 months.

Computer and laptop upgrades

It is easier to upgrade computer than laptop as generally there are are plenty more upgrade parts available for home PC computers. When it comes down to laptops there are limited options available as you cannot for example upgrade your processor but you still have couple solutions to boost your performance. You can add more RAM memory or you can upgrade your hard drive. Both will boost your performance but if your processor is not fast enough the performance may be slightly slower than expected. If you own computer you can modify it the way you want it and keep upgrading it as often as you can. Another difference is the cost of upgrades. Generally laptop parts are more expensive than computer one and they don’t provide a good performance/value ratio compared to computers. We at PCMarc computer repair can boost your laptop or PC computer performance within provided budget to absolute maximum, please contact us for details.



Computer repair service, Laptop repair service FAQ

My computer won't power on, why?

As mention above in computer repair service article there may be a lot of reasons. The most common cause is either faulty motherboard or power supply but sometimes it could be something less serious.

Why should I use computer maintenance service?

There are a lot of reasons. Why do you go to doctor for check-ups, why do you service your car, why do you clean your house on regular basis? It is exactly the same with your computer. To keep your computer in good condition, avoid any malfunctions, data loss, identity thefts or other costs, including your computer replacement you should use maintenance service here at PCMarc computer repair.

I have warranty and insurance, why should I use computer repair service?

Simply warranty does not cover any data that you store on your computer, so even though your warranty cover your part replacements, you can say good bye to all your pictures, music or movies on your hard drive. Another thing is that computers usually starts to have issues after warranty period if they are not maintained properly.

I bought a new laptop. Do I need to use laptop repair service?

Your laptop is packed with lots of software that you don’t need and slows down your system. This is called bloatware. Also you will only get antivirus protection for up to 30 days for free. After that period your laptop is vulnerable to viruses and other malwares. Our laptop repair service recommends to fully optimize and secure your system to help you start using your laptop with confidence. After our service your laptop will run much faster and also be more secure as we do know how to really protect you from the very beginning.

How long will the repair take?

We always endeavour to complete a job within 24 hours. Some PC’s or Laptops may take a bit longer if new parts are needed, which we don’t have in stock. If this is the case we keep you updated with an estimated time of repair.

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