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We are committed to providing you with the highest standard of computer repair service in London.

Computer repair London

Computer repair and laptop
repair service in London

Have you experienced computer or laptop failure? Your computer will not turn on? Do you need to replace your laptop screen? Our company can do it for you

Virus Removal in London

Virus removal, spyware,
malware removal in London

Is your computer running slowly? Are you being asked to download software? Is your laptop behaving erratically? Do you see suspicious pop-ups? Call us

Data Recovery in London

Data recovery and secure hard drive
erasure in London

Has your computer experienced a system failure? Would you like to recover your data? Or would you like to securely erase your important data? We can help

PCMarc – Who We Are?

Computer repair in London by PCMarc
PCMarc – Computer repair provides the highest standard of computer repair services in London. We are able to fix any issue with your computer or laptop.
We offer three levels of service. On site service – simply call us and we will come to your home or office anywhere in London and repair your computer. If the problem is more serious we can fix your computer at our office, schedule collection and deliver it back to you free of charge once fixed. We also provide remote support. Sometimes your issue can be solved connecting to your computer remotely. You can simply watch on your computer screen how your issue is being resolved. The one exception is we usually DO NOT do hardware repairs on-site. Hardware repairs need to be performed at our workstation office with electrostatic mats, soldering stations, magnification and lighting and other specialized equipment present.
Our qualified engineers provide expert, unhurried computer repair service for you on your schedule, whether it’s during normal business hours or after, including weekends. At PCMarc we don’t believe in failure. We have a zero failure rate for all on site and off side computer repair services. We want to keep our 100% satisfaction guarantee unchanged. Whatever your computer repair need no matter what, we can help you with it.
We repair all major brands of computers including but not limited to: Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Sony, IBM and all other types and brands of computers and laptops.

Our Contacts

PCMarc – Computer repair

Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 8:00 – 17.00

86-90 Paul Street
London, EC2A 4NE

Mobile: 075 835 10 108
Landline: 0208 350 4042

 We offer variety of solution such as:

Computer & Laptop Upgrades

Computer & Laptop Upgrades

We repair everything related to computers, desktop PCs or laptops anywhere in London. Some of the services includes: damaged motherboard, hardware malfunction, Microsoft Windows installations, Linux installation, system configuration, system upgrades, laptop screen replacement, laptop keyboard replacement, laptop water damage, laptop overheating, system upgrades, system backup, laptop power jack replacement and many more.

Virus, Malware and Spyware Removal

Virus, Malware and Spyware Removal

We are able to remove any virus, malware, spyware, adware, rootkit, trojan from your infected computer. We will also secure and harden your system to maximum to reduce any future infections. There is no need to buy antivirus software. We will take care of everything. If you want safely and securely browse the internet then contact us today.

Data recovery

Data recovery

We are capable of recovering data from hard drives of any brand, whether your storage device has sustained a logical, electrical or physical failure. Once your data us recovered it is kept on encrypted container. No one else will have access to it, nor will we disclose information found on the storage media.

Data wiping and Hard Disk erasure service in London

Data wiping and Hard Disk erasure

We provide complete data destruction services anywhere in London. We use the best methods of wiping data from DOD 5220.22-M through Peter Gutmann to physical destruction of hard drive. In every instance, you will have peace of mind knowing that your critical data can never be retrieved. You will get your detailed certificate of data destruction.

Network setup and configuration

Network setup and configuration

We know how important network connection is in your business or at home. We provide complete solution from setting up networks from scratch, through complete configuration, security setup and firewall configuration on Microsoft Windows and Linux.

System installation and configuration

System installation and configuration

We provide complete system reinstallation service with configuration. Whether it is Microsoft Windows or Linux, you can be sure your system will be optimized and secured to maximum. Our trusted security expert will take care of your system security and privacy.

High quality service



“I had an excellent service from PCMarc. My documents and photos were locked by virus which demanded ransom payment to unlock them. PCMarc successfully retrieved my documents and removed the virus from my laptop. Most user-friendly home visit service. Thank you Deko for your great job — you are a star!” Stanley, London NW3

London, NW3

“Honestly this is the best computer service I have ever used. I could clearly see this guy knows what he does. Very honest, professional and efficient. He recovered all my pictures and movies from my wedding and also brought my laptop back to life. Highly recommended.” – Roxanne Aseniero, London, Finsbury Park, N4
Roxanne Aseniero

Finsbury Park, N4

“I bought a new computer, but I was disappointed by its speed – it was slow. I wanted to return it but I called PCMarc to see if there is anything that can be done to make it faster. I have been given advice to add extra hard drive for system, which I did and Deko did the rest. Now my PC is extremely fast, way more faster than it was at the beginning of purchase. I’m really pleased with the service offered by Deko and will definitely use it again!” – Sarah, London, Liverpool Street, EC2M

London, Liverpool Street, EC2M

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